Vertas – 2 Vilnius

Vertas – 2 Vilnius

GBA 10046 m2

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Services: LEED certification

Target certification level: LEED v4 O+M Platinum

Certified LEED Platinum

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Building cluster – Vilniaus Vartai, was built in 2005 it consists out of 2 buildings. Business Centre Vertas and Business Centre Vertas-2. Business Centre Vertas-2, is a multitenant 8 storey building. Out of which first 3 stories are certified. Floors 4 to 8 are residential floors.

Building has undergone major improvements from 2021, additional 500m2 we’re reconstructed to complete the cup shaped restaurant Stebuklai. BMS system has completely renovated to add advanced metering capabilities, as well as controls of all major HVAC equipement.

Energy efficiency of the building has been evaluated based on ASHRAE 90.1:2010 with respectively ASHRAE Audits Level 1 and Level 2 done.

Water efficiency has been improved by installing water conserving fixtures, water flow limiters to save on water resources.

Major renovation, which took place in 2021, was done aligning to LEED requirements, all waste was sorted to at least 5 recyclable streams, totalling by more than 75% of construction waste were sent for recycling.

Major tenants Invalda – a financial investment firm, Rockit – startups hub, 15min – a walking tracking app creator